Parthenius of Nicaea 1st cent. B.C

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Parthenius of Nicaea 1st cent. B.C
Alt names:
Parthenius, Nicaenus
Parthenius, Nicaeensis
Parthenios, of Nicaea
Parthénios, de Nicée
Parthénie, de Nicée
Parthenios, von Nikaia
Partenio, di Nicea
Partenio, de Nicea
Parthenius, Mythographus
Field of activity:
Greek Poet
Erotic Poet
Data sheet for Collected works [CF] 197-?: (Parthenius, of Nicaea)
Enc. Brit., 15th ed. (Parthenius of Nicaea, fl. 1st cent. B.C., Rome, Greek poet and grammarian)
Ox. class. dict., 2nd ed. (Parthenius of Nicaea, 1st cent. B.C., Greek poet)
NUC pre-1956 (hdg.: Parthenius, of Nicaea
usage: Parthenius de Nicée, Parthenius Nicaensis, Parthenius Nicaeensis)
BM cat. (Parthenius, of Nicaea)
Bib. nat. (Parthénius de Nicée)
Sufrimientos de amor y fragmentos, 1988: t.p. (Partenio de Nicea)
TLG Canon of Greek Authors and Works, Third Edition,
Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Vol , 1867, p. 1:
Brill's New Pauly: "Parthenius, Prolific writer from Nicaea or Myrlea, 1st cent. BC, st cent. BC
from Nicaea or Myrlea
according to the Suda (π 664 = T 1 Lightfoot), our only source of biographical information (based on Hermippus of Berytus), P. may have been born in Myrlea and then moved to Nicaea (cf. [5. 9] with literature). Prolific writer, author of poems in a variety of metres. Captured by Cinna during a campaign against Mithridates [6] in 73 BC, but freed 'because of his education'...."
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