Pythermus Teius 6. Jh. v. Chr

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Pythermus Teius 6. Jh. v. Chr
Alt names:
Pythermos, von Teos
Pythermos, of Teos
Pythermus, Lyricus
Pythermus, Poeta
Pitermo, di Teo
Field of activity:
Lyric Poet
TLG Canon of Greek Authors and Works, Third Edition, pg. 340
Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Vol 2, 1867, p. 628: "Pythermon and Pythermus are two rather obscure names in the history of Greek music ..."
Brill's New Pauly: "Pythermus, Lyric poet from Teos, perhaps 6th century BC
known from a mention in Ath. 14,625c, in a discussion of the three books of Heraclides Ponticus' Perì Mousikês: P. is supposed to have written skólia in the Ionian mode and iambic verses and to have been mentioned by Ananius or Hipponax. The only recorded verse (metre: phalaeceus) claims that apart from gold everything is nothing (910 PMG)
it became proverbial and can also be found cited in Diogenianus, Plutarch and the Suda...." Robbins, Emmet (Toronto). "Pythermus." Brill's New Pauly. Antiquity volumes edited by: Hubert Cancik and Helmuth Schneider . Brill, 2009. Brill Online. Tufts University Library. 30 November 2009
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Smith's Dictionary

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