Bibaculus, M. Furius (Marcus Furius) b. 103 B.C

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Bibaculus, M. Furius (Marcus Furius) b. 103 B.C
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Bibaculus, Marcus Furius
Furius Bibaculus, M. (Marcus)
Furius Bibaculus, Marcus
M. Furius Bibaculus (Marcus Furius Bibaculus)
Furius, Poeta
Furius Bibaculus,, von Cremona
Furius,, Epiker
Field of activity:
Iambic Poet
His Carmina [CF] 1991: PHI CD ROM #5.3, Latin Canon, bibliographic screen (M. Furius Bibaculus)
Oxford class. dict., 1st ed.: p. 136 (Bibaculus, Marcus Furius
b. at Cremona 103 B.C.
coupled with Catullus by Quintilian and Tacitus)
Pauly-Wissowa: 13. Halbband., col. 320-322
"Furius", #37 (M. Furius Bibaculus)
NUC pre-56: v. 188, p. 124 (Furius Bibaculus, Marcus)
Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Vol 1, 1867, p. 486-487, "Bibaculus, 3, "Bibaculus, M. Furius, who is classed by Quintilian (x. 1 96) along with Catullus and Horace as one of the most distinguished of the Roman satiric iambographers...."
Brill's New Pauly: "Furius Bibaculus, M. , neoteric from Cremona, According to Hieronymus (Chron.1914), the Neoteric poet was born in Cremona in 103 BC, but this date appears to be too early. He wrote epigrams and iambi that contained invectives against Julius Caesar and Octavian (Quint. Inst. 10,1,96
Tac. Ann. 4,34,5), as well as Lucubrationes in prose (Plin. HN praef. 24)...." Richmond, John A. (Blackrock, VA) from "Furius." Brill's New Pauly. Antiquity volumes edited by: Hubert Cancik and Helmuth Schneider . Brill, 2008. Brill Online. Tufts University Library.
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