Dionysius Periegetes

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Dionysius Periegetes
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Dionysios Periegeten
Dionysius, Periegeta
Dionysius Periegetes
Dionysius, Periegeta
Dionysius, Periegetes
Dionís Periegetes
Dionís, Periegetes
Denis, Alexandrin
Denis, de Philadelphie
Denis, le Géographe
Denis, le Périégète
Denys, Alexandrin
Denys, d'Alexandrie
Denys, de Philadelphie
Denys, le Géographe
Denys, le Périégète
Denys, Alexandrin
Denys, le Périégète
Dionigi, d'Alessandria, il Periegeta
Dionigi, di Alessandria
Dionigi, il Periegete
Dionizjos, Periegeta
Dionisio, Periegeta
Dionisio Periegeta
Dionysios Periegetes
Dionysios, Alexandreus
Dionysios, Charaskēnos
Dionysios, ho Periēgētēs
Dionysios, Bibliothekar
Dionysios, Periegetes
Dionysios, der Periheget
Dionysios, von Alexandreia
Dionysios, von Alexandria
Dionysius Afer
Dionysius Alexandrinus Periegeta
Dionysius Lybicus
Dionysius Periegeta
Dionysius, Afer
Dionysius, Alexandrinus Periegetes
Dionysius, Charaskēnos
Dionysius, Corinthius
Dionysius, Lybicus
Dionysius, Thessalonicensis
Dionysius, the geographer
Dionysius, von Alexandrien
Dionysius, Afer
Dionysius, Alexandrinus
Dionysius, Apher
Dionysius, Corinthus
Dionysius, Geographus
Dionysius, Halicarnaseus
Dionysius, Periegetes
Periegeta, Dionysius
Dionysios, der Perieget
Dionysius, Periegeta
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Travel Writer
TLG Canon of Greek Authors and Works, Third Edition,
Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Vol , 1867, p. 1:
Brill's New Pauly: "D. Periegetes From Alexandria, author of a geopgraphical poem, c. AD 100... Under Hadrian he wrote (according to the acrostic vv. 513-532) a didactic poem in hexameters with a poetic description of the world (Οἰκουμένης περιήγησις
Oikouménēs perihḗgēsis): after an introduction (1-26), it deals with the ocean (27-169), the continents of Africa (170-269) and Europe (270-446), the islands (447-619), and Asia (620-1165). The work was much read in antiquity, the Middle Ages, and into the 19th cent. It was loosely translated into Latin by Avienus and Priscianus, and was commented thoroughly by Eustathius....." Brodersen, Kai (Mannheim)
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