Egeria 4th/5th cent

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Egeria 4th/5th cent
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Silvia Periegetica
Silvia Aquitana
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Travel writer
Itinerarium Egeriae. French & Latin. Journal de voyage, 1982: t.p. (Egérie) p. 16, etc. (Egérie, known from a 7th cent. letter of Valerio of Bierzo describing her travels
in mss. of the letter name appears as Egeria, Echeria, Etheria
modern scholars have settled on Egeria as the preferred form, although previously Aetheria or Eucheria were used
she is usually identified with the unknown woman whose journey is described in the anon. text which has become known as the Itinerarium Egeriae or Peregrinatio Aetheriae) p. 27, etc. (her dates depend on the internal evidence of the Itinerarium
editor opts for 381-384 as dates of that journey)
Itinerarium Egeriae. English. Egeria, Diary of a pilgrimage, 1970: t.p. (Egeria) p. 12, etc. (discusses factors inclining to a date after 394, or even in early 5th cent., for the writing of the text of Itinerarium)
Encyc. Brit., 15th ed. (Peregrinatio Etheriae or Pilgrimage of Etheria, an anon. and incomplete account of her travels written in Latin by a nun from Western Europe near the end of the 4th cent.
now generally identified with a Spanish nun called Etheria (Aetheria, Egeria, Eucheria))
Hodoiporiko, 1989: t.p. (Aitheria)
Brill's New Pauly: "Peregrinatio ad loca sancta" "Report by an educated Christian pilgrim about her religiously motivated journey into the Holy Land (Itinerare C.) and and about the liturgy as practised in Jerusalem (Liturgy II.) towards the end of the 4th cent. AD (probably 381-384 [4
2. 21-29]). The only MS of the text (Codex Arretinus, 11th cent.), being incomplete in places, does not reveal the author. Her name has become known principally via a letter of the Galician monk Valerius of Bierzo († 691): Egeria (other interpretations: Aetheria, Etheria, Eucheria). There is some evidence that the author was a member of a female monastic community in NW Spain (or the South of France) [2. 13-21]. She wrote for her fellow sisters in a colloquial late Latin that was strongly influenced by the Old Latin Bible..." Feulner, Hans-Jürgen (Tübingen). "Peregrinatio ad loca sancta." Brill's New Pauly. Antiquity volumes edited by: Hubert Cancik and Helmuth Schneider . Brill, 2009. Brill Online. Tufts University Library
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