Ekkehard I, Dean of St. Gall d. 973

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Ekkehard I, Dean of St. Gall d. 973
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Ekkehardus, I, Dean of St. Gall
Ekkehardus,, Sangellensis, I
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Epic Poet
Wikipedia: "Ekkehard I (died 14 January 973), called Major (the Elder), was a monk of the Abbey of Saint Gall. He was of noble birth, of the Jonschwyl family in Toggenburg, and was educated in the monastery of St. Gall
after joining the Benedictine Order, he was appointed director of the inner school there. ...... He was also distinguished as a poet, and wrote a Latin epic "Waltharius", basing his version on an original German text. He dedicated this poem to Bishop Erkanbald of Strasburg (965-991). It describes the elopement of Walter of Aquitaine with the Burgundian princess Hildegunde, from the land of the Huns, followed by the battle of Wasgenstein between Walter and the followers of Gunther and Hagen (ed. Peiper, Berlin, 1873)...
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