Eusebius of Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea ca. 260-ca. 340

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Eusebius of Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea ca. 260-ca. 340
Alt names:
Eusebius, Caesariensis
Eusebius, von Caesarea
Eusebj Pamffil
Eusèbe, de Césarée
Ewsebios Pampʿigheay
Eusebius Pamphili, Bp. of Cæsarea
Eusebius Pamphili
Caesarea, Eusebius of, Bishop of Caesarea
Yūsābiyūs al-Qaṣarī, Bishop of Caesarea
Qayṣarī, Yūsābiyūs,, Bishop of Caesarea
Euseb, of Ceasarea, Bishop of Ceasarea
Eusebios tou Pamphilou, Bishop of Caesarea
Eusebio, di Cesarea
Eusébio, de Cesareia
Eusebios, von Kaisareia
Euseb, von Kaisareia
Evseviĭ,, Pamfil
Euseb, von Cäsarea
Eusebius Caesariensis , Scriptor Ecclesiasticus
Field of activity:
Church Father
Gr. diz. enc. UTET (Eusebio: 1. E. di Cesarea
b. about 265 in Palestine, probably in Caesarea)
Migne, J. Patrologiae ... 1857: ser. gr., v. 22, t.p. (... Eusebiou tou Pamphilou)
Lex. für Theol. u. Kirche (Eusebios von Kaisareia (Palästina))
Winkelmann, F. Euseb von Kaisareia, c1991
His T︠S︡erkovai︠a︡ istorii︠a︡, 1993: t.p. (Evseviĭ Pamfil)
Euseb von Cäsarea und das Neue Testament, 2003
TLG Canon of Greek Authors and Works, Third Edition, pg. 165-166
Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Vol 2, 1867, p. 114-117: "Eusebius, of Caesareia, the father of ecclesiastical history..."
Brill's New Pauly: "Eusebius of Caesarea, Bishop and Church Father, orn shortly after 260, for his entire lifetime E. was closely associated with Caesarea in Palaestina ( Caesarea [2] Maritima). Decisively influenced by the presbyter Pamphilus, he soon became the latter's most important collaborator. His first works (i.a. a first edition of the ‘Chronicle’ and the ‘Ecclesiastical History’) were written at this time....... The dating of many works is disputed ...... Prominent among the historical writings are the two-part ‘Chronicle’, the so-called Vita Constantini (panegyric with speeches appended) and the ‘Ecclesiastical History’ ... ...The double work Praeparatio/Demonstratio evangelica, written between 312 and 322, is apologetic in character. Beholden to Origen, the Eclogae propheticae and the comprehensive commentaries on Is. and the Psalms have a significant exegetic aspect......" from Rist, Josef (Würzburg). "Eusebius." Brill's New Pauly. Antiquity volumes edited by: Hubert Cancik and Helmuth Schneider . Brill, 2009. Brill Online. Tufts University Library. 03 December 2009
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